Project Overview

Using social media, videos and the website, Sean Dunn and his team at Groundwire in Castle Rock, Colorado, have been interrupting Millennials and Gen "Z" as they search the web, watch videos and interact on facebook, with messages that invite them to chat online with a trained coach, anytime, day or night. In just a few  years their "interruptions" have been seen 220 million times resulting in over 250,000 conversations and over 100,000 people deciding to give their lives to Jesus Christ in 2020 alone.

Jesus Cares Canada is a joint initiative between Outreach Canada Ministries and Groundwire to introduce thousands of Canadian young people to Jesus Christ using this proven strategy as a starting point to begin life changing conversations with them, where they "live".

After those young people respond to the Good News, the next step is to provide resources to start their discipleship journey off on a solid path and connect them with a church in their neighbourhood.

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The amount of people we can reach with the hope of Jesus is directly tied to how much we can spend marketing on social media. Join our team of dedicated financial partners and help us share the gospel.


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You can share your story of faith and the hope of the gospel with the thousands of young people who engage with our chat platform. Join our team of like-minded, faithful Groundwire coaches.


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We know that a person's faith journey is just beginning when they accept Jesus. In order to help them be discipled, we have a church-finder on all of our sites. Add your church to this team of great church partners.