What if $25 could change a life?

Twenty-five dollars can provide FREEDOM in India. Freedom from hunger. Freedom from prostitution.

Twenty-five dollars can provide ACCESS in Canada. Access for Canadian Muslims – to Bibles, to Churches, to Christian friends. 

Join us in our GIVE 25 Project - two opportunities for you to impact the lives of others with $25.  

Give FREEDOM. Give ACCESS. Give $25.

FREEDOM 25 - India

Impacts of the pandemic in India have been devastating. 

  • Millions of day labourers and small business owners have lost their only source of income.
  • In desperation, women have turned to prostitution to feed their families.
  • A large population of underprivileged people are going underfed due to loss of resources and facilities.

The FREEDOM 25 Initiative will train and engage women who are on the streets in India to run community kitchens in their own neighbourhoods.

  • The aim is to pay women a daily wage allowing them to choose a different vocation for survival instead of prostituting themselves.
  • The community kitchens will then serve nutritious and hygienic food to the underprivileged population which will improve their immunity to further protect them from infections and be job ready.

Your gift of $25 provides enough food to feed a family of five for a full week. Larger gifts will help us open new community kitchens in new neighbourhoods. 

ACCESS 25 - Loving Muslims Together

Imagine if you didn't have access to Jesus? Imagine if you were prevented from learning, discovering and considering Jesus' claims?

Muslims coming to Canada as immigrants & refugees have not had access - to Bibles, to Churches, to Christian friends. They've never heard the stories of Jesus. They've never had freedom to consider, question, wonder...

Loving Muslims Together is a network of individuals, churches, ministries that exists to offer ACCESS. Our vision is that every Christ-follower and every church community would press into the call to join Jesus Christ in giving access to all those who've never had a chance.

Your gift of $25 will provide ACCESS, by supporting the Loving Muslims Together Network (LMT). LMT provides ACCESS through initiatives such as "Loving a Mosque Community Together", the Bridges Courses (now offered on-line) & Prayer blogs and letters. 

Give the gift of ACCESS today!



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