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Paul Dyck

Paul & CarolPaul’s Ministry vision: That the body (all mission workers representing Christ by their very lives) work together in unity and harmony; sharing the workload in their gifting; engaging each other in unity in the battle; agreeing to fight only the common enemy and not each other; staying in the battle (whether on the field or here at home) for the time God has called them to be, rather than exiting due to lack of relational health. That each of them would finish well!

A practical result of God’s call on our lives to Member Care, Paul has taken the leadership of the Canadian MK Network, a newly formed coalition/cooperative of Canadian missionary agencies.

The Canadian MK Network (CMKN) was birthed to meet the need for proactive, preventative, & reactive missionary kid (MK) member care. While numerous missionary agencies had accomplished portions of the overall need, and while USA missionary agencies have supported Canadian MKs in some areas, there existed no Canada wide focused MK member care initiative.

The network was subsequently formed as a consortium of MKs of all ages; Canadian (biblically based) missionary agencies; supportive USA (biblically based) based missionary agencies, & friends. With Unity & Community in mind, our goals can be achieved with excellence by working together to provide the necessary support infrastructure for MKs.
The CMKN operates under the umbrella of Outreach Canada. As such, we agree with Outreach Canada’s Vision, Mission, Statement of Faith, Core Values, Personal Values and Standard of Conduct.
Our vision is to care for, support & value all MKs as the very special people group God has made them. We endorse, empower & equip them to be all God calls them to be; strong, vibrant, unified, supporters & leaders.
Our goal is to build a cohesive team of 25+ like-minded interactive Canadian Missionary Agencies providing proactive Member Care to our MKs as they engage in life-steps. A Christ centered focus, strong devotion, love and personal care will mark the relationship. Our mission affiliations will be transparent to those we’ve been entrusted with as we protect, encourage, develop, cheer and bless each one in life-steps.
Our mission is accomplished by
1.    Enabling the development of strong life-long relationships with peers
2.    Providing a safe place in times of transition
3.    Helping MKs integrate, assimilate & acculturate into Canadian culture & environment in a healthy way
4.    Building deep relationships with trusted personnel
5.    Building trust in God for all He has promised
6.    Assisting in the development of practical life skills relationally
7.    Increasing personal self-awareness by focusing on strengths, dependency on God, family and peers
8.    Building long term relationships while in their home environment
9.    Utilizing social networking to build & strengthen relationships
10.Involving all with vested interest in their lives requesting their support of these initiatives
We offer an opportunity for MKs to relax, laugh, cry, play, build relationships and engage in practical demonstrations of faith and work in love. We provide a safe place to consider the past and evaluate the future; so that…MKs are enabled with a strong start in their new Canadian environment with friends, supporters, and a new team walking alongside them. Through the power of personal relationships we equip MKs with helpful navigational tools leading them through the future.


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