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October 30 - November 3, 2017

Burnaby, BC

Cariboo Road Christian Fellowship



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November 6 - 10, 2017

Burlington, ON

Crossroads Centre




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How do you engage with people who are in uncertain circumstances? How do you interact with your new neighbor? How do you walk alongside those who have experienced trauma?

Learn how to recognize those who’ve experienced trauma, heartache and hardships, and who are struggling to cope with life and reality. By learning practical approaches you are better equipped to meet the needs of people around you.

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Understanding People, Mental Health & Trauma

Everyone experiences suffering during their lives. Physical suffering is often visible and more noticeable. Mental and emotional suffering is invisible. Yet it hurts as deeply (or perhaps more deeply) as any physical injury. This pain cripples the lives of the people around us... or perhaps our own lives are crippled.

Understanding People, Mental Health, & Trauma is a five-day nonaccredited course to help equip service providers with a greater understanding of people, mental disorders, and trauma. Participants of this course will learn how to have a positive impact through safe, compassionate, and coordinated care. Participants will be equipped to train others in their organization using the same materials. Topics are covered from medical, psychological, social, and spiritual perspectives—whole person care or holistic care.

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The course runs from 830AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. Coffee breaks and Lunch are included. The course is presented in an interactive participatory manner.




Attendees will receive a copy of the Understanding People, Mental Health, & Trauma work book.


Lyn Westman's training is comprehensive, research based, insightful and practical. Her training manual is a rich resource covering a wide range of psychological problems, with special reference to the developing world. I have found it especially useful, though not limited, to  locations and  populations where there is little access to psychosocial healthcare. I have used Lyn's material in a variety of settings: lay counselor training in Nepal, basic medic training in Myanmar, with Family Medicine interns in Thailand and in member care. I wholeheartedly endorse both the training and the manual. They are wonderful resources to equip and empower others in bringing sound psychological, spiritual  treatments and care to those they are seeking to help.

Gillian Vriend
Community Mental Health Educator and Occupational Therapist 
YWAM Thailand



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Our Trainers


Dr. Lyn Westman (left) is the Mental Health Program Consultant for both Mercy Ships and Tributaries International. Lyn designs training programs  globally from a holistic perspective for care providers. She has worked internationally since 1980 and is the author of Understanding People, Mental Health, and Trauma, a training manual.  Lyn has earned  a PhD in Psychology, a Masters of Psychiatric Nursing, and is an ordained minister. Learn more about  Lyn at: View Lyn's CV here.


Kay Helm (right)  co-founded Tributaries International in 2006. She has served as a facilitator on Tributaries and Mercy Ships mental health teams since 2014. She is a licensed minister, currently studying for a master’s degree in human services counseling.